DJ & Emcee

Background Solutions Entertainment offers premium DJ & Emcee services for events in the Washington DC Metro Area. Take a journey into sound with an eclectic and personalized music set. We believe that a great DJ is just as artistic as the performer of the song. We play music in a manner that sets the vibe for the room, using a combination of skill and feeling. It's slow and subtle when it needs to be, and high-tempo when the time's right. We mix music creatively, because music shouldn't stop and start, it should flow. Finally, we pack the dance floor. Not with excessive line dances, but by dropping song after song that makes you say "that is my jam!" That's the Background Solutions Entertainment Experience.


Personalized Sets

We start with your tastes, and then build on that with our extensive music library. We'll play everything you want and nothing you don't.

Dynamic Emcee

Our Emcee gives your event direction and flow.

Full Audio Support

We'll bring all the equipment we need to perform, along with anything you need for your event, including wireless microphones and extra speakers.

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Also known as Neal and Duaeno, but they call each other "dad" and "son." They have over 40 years combined DJing experience, from West Coast radio to DC Galas. DJ DEUCE spins the tracks, while DJ NEDROC mans the mic. By blending music from the eras that they each grew up in, Neal and Duaeno offer a unique sound and style. That, combined with an unmatched chemistry that only a father and son could have, means a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for you and your guests.


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