Photography Questionnaire

We're looking forward to your wedding day! To help ensure we are as prepared as possible, please take a moment to complete the questionnaire below. This will help us plan the day and ensure every moment is captured. Your detailed responses are appreciated!

Basic Wedding Day Info
If applicable.
If applicable.
If applicable.
Flower girl, ring bearer, junior bridesmaid/groomsmen, readers, etc.
Ceremony setting
Is flash photography prohibited?
Traditions, theatrics, special performances, surprises, etc.
Will you be doing a receiving line after the ceremony?
Formal Photos
If none are provided, we will do our best to put together groups.
Divorces, deaths, disabilities, etc. We want to ensure we are sensitive to these situations.
Traditions, theatrics, special performances, surprises, nontraditional moments, etc.
Even if intended, we cannot guarantee that there will be time for this. It's nice to know if it's an option.
Sparklers, bubbles, confetti, etc.
Special people, sentimental objects, specific poses, etc. We cannot guarantee any specific photo, but will do our best to make the requests listed below a priority.
Venue rules, guest considerations, etc.